-Sugar Certification upcoming dates-

AUGUST 16, 2019 - San Clemente

AUGUST 30, 2019 - North Carolina

SEPTEMBER 22, 2019 - Maui

SEPTEMBER 23, 2019 - Maui

OCTOBER 20, 2019 - Los Angeles

OCTOBER 21, 2019 - Los Angeles

NOVEMBER 17, 2019 - Los Angeles

NOVEMBER 18, 2019 - Los Angeles



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What is sugaring? Where did it come from?

  • Sugaring is a less abrasive form of hair removal containing only sugar, lemon juice and water. No chemicals, No resins, No preservatives, 100% Natural, 100% Sanitary, No double dipping, No Burning, No Tearing, Longer lasting results. Ideal for the most tender areas of the body. By far, the most superior form of hair removal available today!

  • The earliest references to hair removal came from the ancient civilizations of Egypt and Greece. Hair on the body was considered to be unclean by the upper class. Possibly through a fortuitous accident, the method of using sugar for hair removal treatments was developed. While the simple, food­ grade ingredients are absolutely essential to the formula’s success, the tangible results also speak for themselves: a smoother finish, slow grow back and fewer uncomfortable ingrown hairs.

Benefits of Sugar:

  • 100% pure and natural

  • It’s never hot so it will never burn the skin

  • Does not adhere to live skin cells so it is less painful and less abrasive

  • Safe for eczema or psoriasis

  • Easy clean up, you will never leave sticky

  • More sanitary, never touches another client

  • Can extract shorter hairs

  • Leads to permanency faster since you can extract the hair in the shorter, active stage of growth before it is nourished


What are the benefits of becoming a Certified Professional Sugaring Practitioner?

  • This skill, when perfected and performed efficiently, can set you apart from the rest of the competition in the way of building your business. You can offer clients a product that ensures them the most efficient and comfortable hair removal service available. Clients appreciate the amazing results and critical differences between wax and sugar.

  • They get excited and have to tell their friends. They are so thankful they found a method so gentle, safe and sanitary. Because sugaring is still a rare service in the States, it helps foster a fiercely loyal clientele!


Foundational Sugaring Certification With Brazilian Bikini Demo:

This Six Hour Foundational Body Sugaring Certification Course will give you an in depth knowledge on Sweet and True products and the history of the art of body Sugaring,  followed by 4-5 hours of personal hands on practical time. You will learn to sugar many areas of the body and face. 

-Raunette will demonstrate a live Brazilian sugar for the class.

-Throughout the class you will be taught valuable insight on how to build and market your sugaring business.

Your Cost: $350.00

*We accept Paypal/Venmo and all major credit cards

 *Seats are limited to 3-4 students per class to ensure individual hands on instruction

**Please note that we will have a $50 price increase as of 05/01/2019

Advanced Brazilian Certification:

This four hour hands-on course will teach you the skills you need to safely and efficiently perform Brazilian Sugaring. Starting the class by reviewing your Foundational Sugaring techniques, addressing any issues you've encountered.  Raunette will then demonstrate a Brazilian sugaring service step by step including:

-Greeting the client and instructing them on what to do to prepare for their treatment.  

-Moving thru performing a full Brazilian sugaring service and how to educate the client on the importance of post care. 

-You will learn proper room set up and bedside manner throughout the 4 hour course.

Your Cost: $275.00

*We accept Paypal/Venmo and all major credit cards

*This is an intimate treatment and requires both hands on skill and confident communication to make it a comfortable experience.  Each student will perform 2 or more Brazilians using these techniques.

Raunette is also available for one-on- one training (her hourly rate is $125). One-on-one training can be booked at one of our studios or at your location.

**Please note that we will have a $25 price increase as of 05/01/2019